Computational Approaches to the Study of Early and Modern Slavic

Computational Approaches to the Study of Early and Modern Slavic
Computational Approaches to the Study of Early and Modern Slavic Languages and Texts. Proceedinds of the "Electronic Description and Edition of Slavic Sources" conference. 24-26 September 2002. Pomorie
Bulgaria Sofia, "Boyan Penev" Publishing Center, 2003.
Compilers: Anissava Miltenova, David Birnbaum, Sarah Slevinski
ISBN 954-8712-25-3
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Preface / 7

Traditional and Corpus Linguistics / 19
Krasimira Petrova, Krasimira Alexova, Petya Osenova. An Overview of Electronic Resources and Tools for Slavic Languages / 21
Kristofer Aijmer. The Use of Translation Corpora: Contrastive Notes on Modal words of Deontic Necessity in Russian and Bulgarian / 37
Yovka Tisheva, Marina Dzhonova. Lexical Markers on the Informational Structure Level / 53
Ivelina Stoyanova, Svetlozara Lesseva. The Formalization of Bulgarian Analytic Verb Forms Using INTEX (Linguistic Development Environment) / 77
Anders Sandstrom. The Bank of Swedish: A Linguistic Database / 91
Arne Hult. How Can Computers Help Us Periodize the History of the Bulgarian Language? / 97

Medieval Slavic Manuscripts, Texts and Encoding / 103
Ralph Cleminson. A Good Servant but a Bad MASTER: Uses and Abuses of Standards in Manuscript Description / 105
Andrej Bojadhiev, Anissava Miltenova, Diljana Radoslavova. A Unified Model for the Description of Medieval Manuscripts? / 113
Elissaveta Moussakova. The Element "Decoration" in Electronic Manuscript Catalogs / 137
Ekaterina V. Krushelnitskaya. Description of Medieval Slavic Sources in the Electronic Catalog of the Department of Manuscripts in the National Library of Russia: Goals, Research Problems, and Prospects / 157
Oleg V. Motygin, Andrey S. Slutskij. Electronic Editions of Medieval Manuscripts: Thirteenth-Century Slavonic Euchologia / 189
Monia Camuglia, Kiril Ribarov. Old-Church Slavonic in Codes / 201
Yury V. Kagarlitsky. Internet Publication of Slavic Sources by the Russian Language Institute / 243

Digital Libraries, Authors and Readers / 253
Christine Thomas. Digitization in the British Library / 255
Marta Bojanivska. Collections of Manuscripts in L'viv, Ukraine / 261
Stana Jankoska. The Digitization and CD-ROM Publication of Slavonic Manuscripts in Macedonia / 267
Liudmila V. Emelyanova. The Interface of the Information Retrieval System "Depositary" as an Instrument for the Registration and Study of Manuscript Materials / 275
Tatiana Nikolova-Houston. Digitization for Preservation and Access: A Case Study from the Historical and Archival Church Institute in Sofia / 287
Ivana Srbkova. The Slavonic Library at the National Library of the Czech Republic / 295
Reneta Bozhankova. Culturological Aspects of the Digitization of Slavic Classical Literatures / 303
John Burrows. Joyce and the Bishop / 313
Carl Fredrik Gildea. Medieval Texts, Electronic Archives and the Quest of the Philologist: Some Scandinavian Approaches / 319