Computational Approaches to the Study of Early and Modern Slavic


    Preface / 7

    Traditional and Corpus Linguistics / 19
    Krasimira Petrova, Krasimira Alexova, Petya Osenova. An Overview of Electronic Resources and Tools for Slavic Languages / 21
    Kristofer Aijmer. The Use of Translation Corpora: Contrastive Notes on Modal words of Deontic Necessity in Russian and Bulgarian / 37
    Yovka Tisheva, Marina Dzhonova. Lexical Markers on the Informational Structure Level / 53
    Ivelina Stoyanova, Svetlozara Lesseva. The Formalization of Bulgarian Analytic Verb Forms Using INTEX (Linguistic Development Environment) / 77
    Anders Sandstrom. The Bank of Swedish: A Linguistic Database / 91
    Arne Hult. How Can Computers Help Us Periodize the History of the Bulgarian Language? / 97

    Medieval Slavic Manuscripts, Texts and Encoding / 103
    Ralph Cleminson. A Good Servant but a Bad MASTER: Uses and Abuses of Standards in Manuscript Description / 105
    Andrej Bojadhiev, Anissava Miltenova, Diljana Radoslavova. A Unified Model for the Description of Medieval Manuscripts? / 113
    Elissaveta Moussakova. The Element "Decoration" in Electronic Manuscript Catalogs / 137
    Ekaterina V. Krushelnitskaya. Description of Medieval Slavic Sources in the Electronic Catalog of the Department of Manuscripts in the National Library of Russia: Goals, Research Problems, and Prospects / 157
    Oleg V. Motygin, Andrey S. Slutskij. Electronic Editions of Medieval Manuscripts: Thirteenth-Century Slavonic Euchologia / 189
    Monia Camuglia, Kiril Ribarov. Old-Church Slavonic in Codes / 201
    Yury V. Kagarlitsky. Internet Publication of Slavic Sources by the Russian Language Institute / 243

    Digital Libraries, Authors and Readers / 253
    Christine Thomas. Digitization in the British Library / 255
    Marta Bojanivska. Collections of Manuscripts in L'viv, Ukraine / 261
    Stana Jankoska. The Digitization and CD-ROM Publication of Slavonic Manuscripts in Macedonia / 267
    Liudmila V. Emelyanova. The Interface of the Information Retrieval System "Depositary" as an Instrument for the Registration and Study of Manuscript Materials / 275
    Tatiana Nikolova-Houston. Digitization for Preservation and Access: A Case Study from the Historical and Archival Church Institute in Sofia / 287
    Ivana Srbkova. The Slavonic Library at the National Library of the Czech Republic / 295
    Reneta Bozhankova. Culturological Aspects of the Digitization of Slavic Classical Literatures / 303
    John Burrows. Joyce and the Bishop / 313
    Carl Fredrik Gildea. Medieval Texts, Electronic Archives and the Quest of the Philologist: Some Scandinavian Approaches / 319