Scripta & e-Scripta vol. 12



    M. Deželak Trojar. The Skalar Maniscript, a Long Forgotten Jewel of Slovenian Baroque Literature: a Digital Scholarly Critical Edition of the Maniscript Codex
    E. Kotseva. Notes on the Date of the Tenth-Century Codex Supraliensis
    M. Tsibranska-Kostova, I. Biliarski. Patria Athonensia and 'Otchestvie svyitaya goryi': A 16th Century Slavonic Source About the Zographou Monastery
    V. Stankovic. Beloved Son-in-Law: Charters of Byzantine Emperors to the Hilandar Monastery after the Marriage of King Milutin to Symonis
    Y. Miltenov. Notes on Stefan the Hagiorite's Narration De Sancto Monte Athonensi Together with an Edition of the Text According to Ms. F.I.643 from the Russian National Library in Saint Petersburg (olim St. Paul Monastery on Mount Athos)
    K. Bezarashvili. From the Old Literary Traditions to Hellenophilism in Georgian Literature: Euthymius the Athonite
    A. Miltenova. Towards the History of Paraenetic Literature: Hilandar MS 382
    A. Nikiforova. The Tropologion Sin. gr. NE/МГ 56-5 of the Ninth Century: A New Source for Byzantine Hymnography
    G. Radle. The Rite of Marriage in the Archimedes Euchology & Sinai gr. 973 (a. 1152/3)
    zhI. Kuzidova-Karadinova. St. Jerome's Lives and the Formation of the Hagiographic Canon
    B. Hamilton. Old Testament History: A Cathar Dilema

    S. Neicheva. The Miracle of St Nicholas and the Three Generals in the Bojana Church (1250) - Miracles of Emperor Constantine the Great's Dream
    Е. Ненчева. Загадка в одной рукописи
    I. Iliev. Saint Parasceve's Life by Patriarch Euthymius Translated into Latin by Rafael Levakovic: A Bilingual Dictionary