Пол де Ман: опити с невъзможното

  • Съдържание / Contents

    Увод. Деконстекстуализацията /7
    I. Енигми
    Слепота/прозрение / 30
    История/модерност / 44

    II. Граници на разбирането
    Един предговор /69
    Към понятието за реторика /82
    Алегориите на четенето /110

    III. История без историчност / 133

    IV. Биографично/теоретично /152

    Заключение /170
    Библиография /172
    Именен показалец /180
    Summary /182
    Използвани съкращения /191

    Paul de Man: Experiments with the Impossible

    Autor: Maurice Fadel

    Publishing Centre “Boyan Penev”, Sofia, 2002, 191 p.

    The book is the first monographic examination in Bulgeria of the American literary scholar Paul de Man. It shares the tendency towards decontextualozation. It tends to detach De Man from the popular formulae he has been enveloped in. He is not treated as a poststructuralist, or a postmodernist. He is not bound at the Yale Group, or classified as a deconstructionist.

    The purpose of the book is different – to discuss what in De Man brings him out of the context, renders him impossible to reduce to them, makes him resistant to their overwhelming strenght, to their power. What distinguishes and marginalizes De Man even when he himself does not always have a clear understanding of it, what is left in the shadows of the words, what speaks despite him and questions the efforts to integrate him in typological models or intertexual networks, to see him as an element in a wider set of constructs.