Scripta & e-Scripta vol. 22

  • Contents

    Tabula Gratulatoria in Honor of Prof. William Veder


    Vladimir R. Polomac. Serbian Early Printed Books from Venice: Creating Models for Automatic Text Recognition Using Transkribus

    Sebastian Kempgen. The Bamberg Cyrillic Alphabet – a Colour Facsimile 

    Janusz S. Bień. Parkosz’s Treatise from a Typographic Point of View

    Stefan Peev. Conference “Book and Script. Tradition and Modernity,” April, 8-9, 2022, Sofia


    Marco Scarpa. Ascetico-Monastic Miscellanies: a New Type of Miscellanies in the Slavic 14th Century

    Ilaria L.E. Ramelli. Evagrius’ Kephalaia Gnostika: Novel Research into Its Literary Structure, Philosophical Theology, and Heritage 

    Anissava Miltenova, Aneta Dimitrova. Multiple Translations of Small Paraenetic Genres in Slavic Miscellanies and Their Byzantine Sources

    Tatiana Popova. Fragments from the Ladder of St. John of Sinai in the Oldest Byzantine and Slavic Codices (based on the Simeon’s Miscellany) 

    Eirini Afentoulidou.‘Most Fitting Testimonies’. The Dioptra’s Paratexts

    Liudmila Navtanovich. «Неславянская» Книга Еноха Праведного – вечная загадка? / ‘Non-Slavic’ Book of Enoch the Righteous – an Eternal Mystery? 

    Andrej Bojadžiev. The Contaminated Slavic Version of Acta Thomae

    Ralitsa Rousseva. The Scene ‘Christ Expels Seven Demons from Mary Magdalene’ in the Post-Byzantine Art 

    Maria Spasova. Слова «следопыты» при атрибуции ранних староболгарских переводов / ‘Pathfinder Words’ for the Attribution of Early Old Bulgarian Translations

    Tatyana Slavova. Uncommon Definite Forms of Possessive Adjectives in the Old Bulgarian Translation of Athanasius of Alexandriaʼs Orations Against the Arians

    Ivan I. Iliev. On Bible Quotations in the Medieval Slavic Version of Hippolytus’ De Christo et Antichristo

    Greta Stoyanova. Topoi and Prototypes as Bearers of Christian Memory in Hagiography (according to Lives of Saints Dating from the First Bulgarian Kingdom)

    Anna-Maria Totomanova. The Two Witnesses of the Letter of Patriarch Callistus to Theodosius of Tărnovo. (Philological Reading)

    Radoslava Stankova. „Видинская“ служба святой Параскеве-Петке Эпиватской и ее русская редакция / ‘Vidin’ Service of St. Paraskeva-Petka of Epivates and Its Russian Edition

    Ekaterina Todorova. The Cult of St. Tryphon and His Martyrdom in the South Slavonic Written Tradition


    Fabio Maion. Wege zur verbesserten automatischen Annotation des mittelbulgarischen Kirchenslawischen


    Anissava Miltenova, Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan. Prof. William Veder Turns 80 

    Boyka Mircheva. Svetlina Nikolova at 80 

    Diana Atanassova. Predrag Matejić at 70

    Maria Totomanova-Paneva. Tatjana Slavova at 65 

    Anissava Miltenova. In Memoriam Keiko Mitani